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We all communicate continually in our professional lives - we attend meetings, send emails or make small talk at networking events. Every time we communicate, we are telling our audience something about ourselves. Often after we have communicated, we find ourselves wondering if we managed to be clear and understood, did we impress or did we fail miserably.

During an election campaign, candidates' communication skills are on show. How they perform can save them from national embarrassment, get them much needed air time or change a person's vote.

With the Federal Election campaign just a few days in, we only have to look to the Prime Minister to see the types of challenges that can arise for our politicians. Mr Turnbull has already had his communication skills tested by concerned constituents, voters who don't recognise him, and questions about previous business dealings. He has had to deal with each of these situations while under the very intense glare of the public eye.

Watching how people perform during an election campaign can provide many lessons for all of us. When you are reading about or sitting back and watching the day's news, look closely to see what you liked and didn't about how candidate's handled their communication. You can learn a lot! Practice the skills you admire and remove your communication toolkit those that don't appeal.

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